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International Award .

Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Iran recently organised the nine-day long 18th International Festival of Visual Arts for Young Artists. The festival began on September 9 in Gorgan, Iran. Emerging Bangladeshi artist Md. Hasan Morshed was among the participants and won the first prize for painting. ******************* 2nd Solo Painting Exhibition 2011. Ambassador Arturo Pérez Martinez ,of Spain to Bangladesh, inaugurated the exhibition on 12 May.Among others,Professor AAMS Siddique,vice-chancellor of Dhaka University and Professor Md.Matlub Ali Dean Faculty of Fine Arts were Present on the occasion. Read more...
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Having lived in Dhaka for over almost three years, the first thing I would like to say that I know well the painter Mr. Hasan Morshed, since I have been following his progression for the last two.

His work is committed, experimental, daring, such as what we are going to be able to see in this new exhibition: water colours on paper and big size works. The colour of Bangladesh is very special and, therefore, difficult to reflect, but Mr. Morshed, with his technique and his talent succeeds. The green of the countryside of Bangladesh is unique, the golden prairies impressed the poet Rabindranath Tagore to the extreme of keeping them for ever in his works and, even, in the National Anthem .And the light of the dusk has no comparison.

In Western art we had to wait until the XVIIth century to have the light painted by Velázquez. Our art is different and that is why I recommended Mr. Morshed to spend some time in Spain to get exposed, observe and learn from our great masters. Now he will manage to do it and he will complete a dimension that I found was lacking.

It is a pleasure and an honour to be able to write these few words at the beginning of the catalogue and to witness such an example of genuine modern Art. I would like to thank the organizers for granting me always this unilateral hospitality so difficult to reciprocate. May I also congratulate them for having chosen this artist to exhibit in one the best galleries in Dhaka. I hope you will enjoy it as much as me and I wish Mr., Morshed the success in the exhibition that intimates that in his career.

Arturo Pérez Martínez

Embajador de España / Ambassador of Spain



I have seen some works of Hasan Morshed a young artist of Bangladesh. There is no doubt about his talent. He works in several media: oil on paper and canvas, Water color on paper, pencil sketch, mural painting, and installation etc .His subjects are varied with a wide contextual range. He has painted scenes of well known published and unpublished legends of Bangladesh, for example a scene of Behula and Lokhindar. He has tried his hand in drawing experimental figures with ink and brush which have an evocative appeal both for the eye and the heart.

Morshed has a fine drawing, a pencil sketch made in 2002, which shows two street boys of Dhaka seated on a bare floor, eating something from a bowl in front of them in one corner we see another bowl and a kettle, while in another some household items, neatly kept.

Hasan morshed has demonstrated his competence in landscape painting, too. ”Landscape, Srimongol,Sylhet”, Water color on paper, done in December 2005,is a fine art work, southing both to the eye and the mind .So is the entitled” St martin,” a water color painting executed in July 2006 .

Morshed has a clear streak of romanticism in him which is attractively demonstrated in his water color piece entitled “Youth of Nature” done in 2006.He has also tried his hand at some near surrealistic works, such as “The Jadu Ghar “series.

Training at a good Art Institute abroad, will help develop his talent. I wish he gets such a chance.

Kabir Chowdhury

National Professor, Bangladesh



Mr. Hasan Morshed is a young artist of Bangladesh and I found him the most talented I have taught - this was a widely held opinion at faculty among other professors and teachers as well.  His reputation continued to grow since, and he is now considered to be exceptionally talented and the most gifted.

Even after graduation, we have maintained our relationship, and I am quite familiar with his pieces, showings, and projects.  On these occasions, we discuss his art work and exhibitions.  At each meeting, I am always quite impressed to find that his love for art (especially installation and performance art for political content as well as for commercial uses), which has always been strong, continues to get even stronger.

As a water color painter, he has began his journey to provide large number of published and unpublished legends as well as myths.  Quite clearly, his talents are vested in his ability to determine style, technique, and medium best suited to produce the desired effects .

Everyone that I know who knows Mr. Morshed feels the same and wishes him well.  I strongly support him in his continuing excellence in this field.


Sculptor Hamiduzzaman Khan


Dept. of Sculpture

Faculty of Fine Arts

University of Dhaka



Surely, the language remains short in this comment about Morshed silpi. Confronting his paintings everything stays out of control, everything belongs to one place far from us. Every Morshed's brushstroke signifies one search, one deep way to the queries about the reality, the Humanism and the Light with its colours, correctly installed on the water. The main tradition (perhaps medievalism) of his land it's showed in the noukas and the green and bright red

Francisco Ramos Pastor

IML, University of Dhaka
Spanish Teacher · Dhaka, Bangladesh




24 March, 2011, 7:30pm


Innis Town Hall. 2 Sussex Ave., Toronto




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