Sunday 18th of February 2018

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International Award .

Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Iran recently organised the nine-day long 18th International Festival of Visual Arts for Young Artists. The festival began on September 9 in Gorgan, Iran. Emerging Bangladeshi artist Md. Hasan Morshed was among the participants and won the first prize for painting. ******************* 2nd Solo Painting Exhibition 2011. Ambassador Arturo Pérez Martinez ,of Spain to Bangladesh, inaugurated the exhibition on 12 May.Among others,Professor AAMS Siddique,vice-chancellor of Dhaka University and Professor Md.Matlub Ali Dean Faculty of Fine Arts were Present on the occasion. Read more...
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“Green Rose” | Water Color on Paper | 74x56 cm (29x22 inches) | 2017

“Venus” | Water Color on Paper | 74x56 cm (29x22 inches) | 2017

“Tears” | Water Color on Paper | 74x56 cm cm (29x22 inches) | 2017

“No Man’s Land” | Water Color on Paper | 74x56 cm (29x22 inches) | 2017

“The Step” | Water Color on Paper | 45x121 cm (18x48 inches) | 2017

“The Forest” | Water Color on Paper | 45x121 cm (18x48 inches) | 2017


Existence 2016


water color on paper. 22 x 29 inches.2016

First Iran -Bangladesh Exchange Program - Open Studio.
Darbast Platform,Mohsen Gallery.Tehran

This presentation is about an imaginary existence .It’s about an absent.  The water color painting with ‘yellow flower
Desert Mountain’ near ‘Pholor village’ with traditional carpet on it with the existence is present.
This painting is an end of my photographic presentation named ’Existence’ which I started since January 2015 at Dhaka.
By one month Kooshk artist residency at Tehran I decided presenting a water color painting as the end of my project ‘Existence’.

Goose 2016


water color on paper. 22 x 29 inches.2016



Sujood 2016


water color on paper. 22 x 29 inches.2016



Desire to be free from own desire 2016

Desire to be free from own desire

water color on paper. 22 x 15 inches.2016

collection:Nairobi, Kenya



Butterfly 2016


water color on paper. 29 x 22 inches.2016

collection: kooshk Residency.Tehran





The Boat 2016

The Boat

water color on paper. 22 x 29 inches.2016



Reality is artificial, Artificial is reality 2015


Reality is artificial, Artificial is reality

water color on paper. 26 x 21 inches.2015

It's not only a Rose .
water color on paper. 22 x 28 inches.2016


Peacock 2015

water color on paper. 22 x 28 inches.2015



It,s not only a Rose 2015

It's not only a Rose .
water color on paper. 22 x 28 inches.2015

collection:Nairobi, Kenya


The Step  2015

The Step (2nd version)

21 x 26 inch, 2015


The step is a water color painting on paper. There are some boats took place under a tree on a face of land. The land is

covered with green grasses. A man places in front of those boats invented something open in his life.

That is a feet with all those elements of the landscape. Sometime one’s involvement in our life matters a lot .Man can do

nothing in real but feel. This is the step.


The Secret  2014

The Secret
water color on paper. 59 x 41 inches.2014


The Straight Path  2014

The Straight Path
water color on paper. 59 x 41 inches.2014





DUO 2013


Water color on paper

28 x 20 inch,2013

This is the first water color painting of a series work with wash technique at Uganda. A collaboration using two portraits of

different country people merged with individual cultural forms and colors. I drew me with African mask and applied the

traditional design in behind. And for Mr.Jessy, I drew the Bangladeshi design form called “Alpona” and mosque behind.



Youth and Social Feature 2011

Youth and Social Feature

Water color on paper

33x 25 inch,2011

First Award for Painting .


18th International  visual arts festival for young artists. Gorgan ,Islamic republic of Iran .



The Key 2012

The Key

(Best Award for Experimental painting .Annual Art Exhibition 2011
Oriental Art Department . Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka. Bangladesh) July 10,2012
(2nd Prize .Dedicating ISESCO prize for creative students, teachers and artists in Islamic Culture Capital for 2012)
December 24,2012
Water color on paper
24 x 35 inchs, 2011 (Not for Sell)
Description :
As all machines need instruction manuals for smooth operation, Mankind the most complicated machine need Al Qur’an.




The Painter 2011

The Painter

water color on paper

108 x 60 inch


(collection-Bengal Gallery of fine arts)





Resistant 2011


water color on paper

25 x 35 inches




Mermaid 2013


water color on paper

28 x 20 inch





Water color on paper

16 x 43 inch


(Private collection)


Water color on paper

22 x 3o inch



(15th young artist art exhibition.National gallery of fine art.Dhaka ,Bangladesh)

Pray for living

Water color on paper

30 x 22 inch




water color on paper

7 x19 inch



The step

Water color on Paper

12 x 21 inch



Grief of life

Water color on Paper

11 x 15 inch


Behula Lakhindar

Water color on Paper

25 x 33 inch


Behula is the heroine in the `Manasamangal` genre of Bangla medieval epics were written between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries. The story begins with the conflict of the merchant Chandradhar with Manasa, the Hindu snake goddess.

Manasa hopes that she can win over Chand to her worship. But, far from worshipping her, Chand refuses to even recognize her as a deity. Manasa takes revenge upon Chand by destroying seven of his ships at sea and killing his seven sons. Finally, Behula, the newly-wed wife of Chand's youngest son Lakhindar, makes the goddess bow to her love for her husband through her strength of character, limitless courage and deep devotion. Behula succeeds in bringing Chand's seven sons back to life.



Water color on paper

25 x 33



The story is about Gaji, Kalu and Chompaboti three Bangla myth character. A myth popular in the southern part of the country

Queen of Jointapur

Water color on paper

33 x 25 inch


( collection-Spain)

Jointapur is an ancient city of Sylhet district in Bangladesh. This story is about a daughter of Rakahin king (ancient Rakhain- an indigenous group of Bangladesh) of Jointapur and a different culture abide man .They fall in love in spite of her Father’s dissent. They escaped from the kingdom by the help of the then minister and his big elephant.

One day the daughter of Rakhin became queen of Jointapur.


Enter the acme

Water color on paper

33 x 25 inch


This painting is about one of the ancient myth of Marma (an indigenous group of people of Bangladesh).Her name was Monori, the youngest daughter of God Indra. She was caught by a Woodcutter and he married her. They live together on earth. But she was imprisoned by her Father when she again entered the heaven. The man could only enter heaven by becoming an ant hiding under the wings of two heavenly birds and bring his beloved back.

The widow of Avaenagar

Water color on paper

22 x 30 inch, 2008


‘Avaenagar’ is a village of ‘Jeshore’ district of Bangladesh. There lived a young widow named Avaya daughter of king Protap Adittaya. She used to be concerned 11 numbers of Hindu temples. She never got marriage since became widow. She dedicated her life for the purpose of taking care of those temples. The name of the village ‘Avaenagar’ is based by her name.

I was inspired to make the figure composition of this painting from another piece named ‘The Widow of an Indian Chief watching the Arms of her Deceased Husband-1785’ by an English landscape painter.


Boat life

Water color on paper

30 x 22 inch


(Private collection)


Watercolor on paper

20x14 inch.2013

St M Island

Water color On Paper
29 x 22 inchs

St.Martin Island - Chera deep

Water color on Paper


(not for sell)

St.Martin Island

Water color on Paper


Landscape - Srimongol, Sylhet

Water color on paper

15x 22 inch



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