Tuesday 21st of March 2023

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International Award .

Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Iran recently organised the nine-day long 18th International Festival of Visual Arts for Young Artists. The festival began on September 9 in Gorgan, Iran. Emerging Bangladeshi artist Md. Hasan Morshed was among the participants and won the first prize for painting. ******************* 2nd Solo Painting Exhibition 2011. Ambassador Arturo Pérez Martinez ,of Spain to Bangladesh, inaugurated the exhibition on 12 May.Among others,Professor AAMS Siddique,vice-chancellor of Dhaka University and Professor Md.Matlub Ali Dean Faculty of Fine Arts were Present on the occasion. Read more...
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Sculpture & Installation


Existence 2016


water color on paper. 22 x 29 inches.2016

First Iran -Bangladesh Exchange Program - Open Studio.
Darbast Platform,Mohsen Gallery.Tehran

This presentation is about an imaginary existence .It’s about an absent.  The water color painting with ‘yellow flower
Desert Mountain’ near ‘Pholor village’ with traditional carpet on it with the existence is present.
This painting is an end of my photographic presentation named ’Existence’ which I started since January 2015 at Dhaka.
By one month Kooshk artist residency at Tehran I decided presenting a water color painting as the end of my project ‘Existence’.


Puzzle 2015

Click here to watch the video .


21 National Art Exhibition 2015
Bangladesh Shilpokala Academy

I used here burning wood columns with different size and shapes which are representing individual time periods of life. Life is beautiful with experimentation and termination. So I have made those wood columns burnt. There is a video presentation inside a column where a woman is talking but we cannot lessen the sound. Video represents a memory. One column contains a mirror where viewers will connect themselves bodily with my statement. Another column is blank. It is hope and enigma. It is spiritual. Here is a puzzle outside as entire which refers a solution from an understanding of peace.




TomTom (Horse Cart)2014

Click here to watch the video .

1. TomTom (Horse Cart)2014

In old Dhaka once ‘Tomtom’ a part of culture of Bangladesh was a common vehicle and still it is found. ‘Tomtom’ is a non motorized vehicle so that environment friendly, free from air and sound pollution .For sustainable environment and as a cultural motif, it should be focused. There is a video inside the tomtom .That video created a space to feel a part of old Dhaka.





Heritage Expression2014

2. Heritage Expression

The open studio prolonged for one day .This Ice made structures are the reflection of those buildings of old Dhaka which supposed to obtain

the concern of Heritage melted down day by day like ice.

1 mile² Dhaka 2014

(5th December 2014 - 2nd January 2015)

The second edition of the month long public art project organized by ‘Britto arts trust’ closed with an Open Studio Day with

42 participants among which are filmmakers, artists and researchers.

Our project focus had been on social and environmental regeneration through research, dialogue and collaborations asking

artists to map their local square mile in Old Dhaka, exploring cultural heritage, community, architecture and aesthetic diversity.

I had two numbers of individual projects focusing heritage and cultural vehicle.






I am 42 years old

Video Installation

Elements: White cement made figure and Projector for video screening.

8 feet X 7feet over wall, 2013

20th National Art Exhibition 2013

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Honourable Mention

Though being people of democracy we are living like parasitic plant because

of our personal egoism .we got liberty since 1971 by a true leadership. We got

42 years since then. There is no more time to live in this way. We have to break

the matrix.

In my video installation these men are intend to be free from the wall. They are

searching a true pathfinder for farther ahead .The video part is representing

this meaning.


Click here to watch the video .




15th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh 2012


Work titled “Complete purification-khoj”

Installation size: 10 x 16 foot over wall

Medium: Fiber glass and Plaster

I tried to draw a simile between new born baby and man after confession. I mentioned here the

color `white’ for purity so these figures rising from the white egg are so pure as white.

The big oval is at the same time like Egg or mother’s womb. These figures are searching

(Khoj- Austro-Asiatic language) the light of true path to follow on.

Every Human born in purity.

Purification comes after confession of sin. It is as like new born for human. But it must be very

necessary to follow a pathfinder to stay on true path as parents are largely significant for new

born baby.My country as my surrounding

We got Bangladesh by 1971 by a true leader but today we need a true leader to save Bangladesh.

Work titled “Revert of Humanity”

Installation size: 10 x 10 foot over wall

Medium: Fiber glass and Plaster


This presentation took a triangle outline which funds a

Philosophical term from where the people are in fact trying to come out.

Mr.Abul Maal Abdul Muhith MP,Hon'ble Finance Minister of Bangladesh



Rebel(Raise of Humanity) 2012

Medium : Plaster of Paris

Dimension (cm) .Hight: 35.56, Width:30.34, Depth:35.56

This presentation took a triangle outline which funds a Philosophical term from where the people are

in fact trying to come out.




‘Honorable mention award’.2008

16th Young Artists’ Art Exhibition, organized by National Academy of Fine Arts, Dhaka Bangladesh.

Our dependency is build by our faith.Whatever we are watching seems to be faithful for us.But what things are shown

to all country people from the hole of this faith? Here the oval shape of egg is a symbol.The' in and out' of an egg is a

common thing for us. But we are astonished by the change of the basic internal thing of this egg.This egg brings the

character of those corruptedhigh rage companies and institutions in our country which is not demandable for us.

The baby stand out side and shown him selves the next generation of Bangladesh. What things is wetting for

him when he grow up and look at the hole in this egg? Do we make an acceptable and dependable country for him?

It is possible to save our country by increasing awareness through to perfect education and morality’.


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