Tuesday 21st of March 2023

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International Award .

Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Iran recently organised the nine-day long 18th International Festival of Visual Arts for Young Artists. The festival began on September 9 in Gorgan, Iran. Emerging Bangladeshi artist Md. Hasan Morshed was among the participants and won the first prize for painting. ******************* 2nd Solo Painting Exhibition 2011. Ambassador Arturo Pérez Martinez ,of Spain to Bangladesh, inaugurated the exhibition on 12 May.Among others,Professor AAMS Siddique,vice-chancellor of Dhaka University and Professor Md.Matlub Ali Dean Faculty of Fine Arts were Present on the occasion. Read more...
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Freedom & Captivity

Video Installation

Time duration: 80:00 second loop

Dimension: 2 miters


First Iran‐ Bangladesh Exchange Program ‐ Open Studio (second part).

The second part of Iran-Bangladesh exchange program organized by Kooshk Residency and Pathshala is started from 7 January and remains till 7 February, 2017 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Bangladeshi and Iranian artists will participate in the second part. There will be a presentation and a panel discussion at the end as well

Description: Is it always true that we should consider the consequences, choosing between freedom and captivity?


Zindegi Va Zaman

Video Installation

Time duration: 1:10 minutes loop

Dimension: 1.50 miters


First Iran‐ Bangladesh Exchange Program ‐ Open Studio.

Darbast Platform, Mohsen Gallery. Tehran

My work is about our come up to our own life .Life is a gift of time. Life has flow where we get pleasure from. The similarity in between life and water is uniformity without uniformity.




Puzzle- Memory 2015

21 National Art Exhibition 2015
Bangladesh Shilpokala Academy

I used here burning wood columns on behalf of individual time periods of life. Life is beautiful but it is burnt. Video represents a memory. One column contains a mirror where viewers will connect themselves bodily with my statement. Another column is blank. It is hope and enigma. It is spiritual. Here is a puzzle outside as entire which refers a solution from an understanding of peace


Tomtom (Horse Cart)

‘Tomtom’ is a non motorized vehicle so that environment friendly, free from air and sound pollution . My ‘Tomtom’ is very similar to the form of British period .The screened video will create an space to feel a part of old Dhaka.In old Dhaka once ‘Tomtom’ a part of culture of Bangladesh was a common vehicle and still it is found. For sustainable environment it should be focused.

Date of production:     1 January, 2015

Time duration: 0:09:30


Iam 42 years old

Video Installation

Elements: White cement made figure and Projector for video screening.

8 feet X 7feet over wall, 2013

20th National Art Exhibition 2013

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Honourable Mention
















The Alter what we know and unknown related to our life are related to dots of origin.  This is nothing but a primitive movement of time.

‘Protocol’ was a project selected for SAVAC (motitor-7) exhibition in Canada. The concept was about time. The moving watch presented the changes in life during different stages of time. I tried to explain the time as the protocol which continuously rotates and make changes in life.


Presented by SAVAC (South Asian Visual Arts Centre), Toronto.

Date of production:     9th August, 2010

Time duration: 0:01:09


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